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The Logical WordPress Theme - SocratesClick Image To Visit SiteThe popular themes today are complex and difficult to set up for the average user. Let’s face it, you just want to get a good looking website set up quickly.

You don’t want to spend a fortune, waste time, wait for designers, or struggle with fancy features and page builders you’re never going to use.

Socrates is the perfect starter theme for any project. Get your site up fast, worry about the bells and whistles later.

I’m using Socrates 5 for my podcast site I love the speed, flexibility and ease of use.

Dan, thanks for helping me switch to Socrates recently on, my site is faster and traffic is UP!

Yes, support is provided by the owner Dan Nickerson who is on live chat 70+ hours a week and responds to email usually within minutes. You can ask Dan questions about anything related to Socrates, WordPress or Online Marketing via Live Chat, Contact Form, Forum or Facebook.

Socrates is built on Underscores and uses best practices to work on all recent versions of WordPress and with all major plugins. Socrates 5 was released in May 2017 and is updated regularly.

Yes, and if you come across a plugin that doesn’t work, please let us know.    There are 1000’s of plugins so please understand we haven’t tested with all of them.   Please do not email us asking us if a particular plugin works.  You can safely assume it does… if not, we’ll make it work for you.  If we can’t solve the problem we’ll give you a refund as well.

Yes. You need to have your own domain and hosting to use a Premium WordPress Theme. We recommend Siteground, they’ll even move your site for… Read more…

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